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Florian Marks

Dr. Florian Marks is Principal Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and Deputy Director General at the International Vaccine Institute. He has over 18 years of experience conducting epidemiological studies and providing technical expertise in the field of global health. His expertise includes the execution of large, multi-center studies, such as the Typhoid Fever Surveillance in Africa and the Severe Typhoid in Africa TSAP/SETA Programs, that generated data on the incidence and severity of typhoid fever infections in African countries. Currently he leads two clinical trials in Ghana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, investigating research questions pertinent to the future large-scale implementation of typhoid conjugate vaccines (TCV) and supports Burkina Faso and Madagascar as early adopter countries for TCV introductions. He’s also leading the clinical development of schistosomiasis vaccines, jointly with the Texas Tech University Health Sciences.